Talley Day Bark Park


Since 2002 when the Talley Day Bark Park became a reality, Councilman Bob Weiner has organized a spring and fall citizens maintenance day to help the short handed New Castle County Parks Department spread new mulch at the beloved dog park.


New Castle County acquired Talley Day Park by purchasing three farms, the Talley Farm, the Day Farm and the Streed Farm.


New Castle County’s Talley-Day dog park is the first fenced-in area for dogs in the state. Talley-Day Bark Park is located at 1300 Foulk Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19803 behind the Brandywine Hundred Library. The park includes a small, gated entrance cage with water fountains for people and dogs, and two large fenced areas for the dogs to run free. One area to be restricted to small dogs only is not open yet. The only major rule is that dog owners must clean up after their dogs.

Volunteers hard at work spreading mulch.


The annual fall volunteer mulching was held on October 17 and has been a tradition sponsored by New Castle County Councilman Bob Weiner (R-Chatham), along with the annual spring mulching, since the fenced dog park opened its gates in 2002. The county supplied the mulch from trees it trimmed throughout the county and a good crowd of volunteers came out. Weiner said he moved the mulching from a Saturday to a weekday to avoid overtime for the county employees involved.


Alan Lawrence and Rusty

Bark Park user Alan Lawrence brought with his companion golden retriever “Rusty”to help him at the park. Mr. Lawrence stated that Rusty was a regular visitor and felt the urge to “give back”.


Many volunteer groups answered the call for service including the International Baccalaureate program students from Talley Middle School, Concord High School students, Springer Middle School volunteers, Bank of America volunteers, New Castle County AmeriCorps volunteers, Boy Scout Troops 67 and 99, Girl Scouts Troops 953 and 280 along with citizens of Brandywine Hundred. The great grand grandson of J. Harlan Day, Christopher Durgin, along with fellow Boy Scout Troop 67 members provided outstanding contributions to the effort.

Dr. Platt, V.M.D.

Doctor Sandra J. Platt, V.D.M., Head Veterinarian both volunteered and provided medical assistance to a small dog who sustained a minor injury while at play in the park.

Ethan Bishop and Patrick Taylor

Friends Ethan Bishop and Patrick Taylor managed to master the use of pitchforks which were at least as tall as them.


Girlfriends Maymuna Siddiguea and Tasnim Chowdhury

Girlfriends Maymuna Siddiguea and Tasnim Chowdhury who participate in the international baccalaureate program at Talley Middle School earned service credits which are requisite credits for the I.B. Program


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