Trickle Down Sports At Brandywine Park (VIDEO)

Not too long ago it seemed like baseball had lost it’s mojo, and I assumed that kids would never come outside to play like they did when I was a kid. A recent stroll through Brandywine Park in Wilmington showed me that Yogi Berra was right about two things:

1) It ain’t over till it’s over (and baseball isn’t over in DE yet)
2) Little league really is wonderful. It keeps kids out of the house.


Besides baseball and all the beautiful weather we’re having lately, the Delaware State Fair starts on July 21st and TSD will keep you updated if you can’t make it.

The State Fair is like Delaware’s own Statue of Liberty, and many of us who live here just never seem to visit. Check out what you’ll be missing if you can’t make it again this year…

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Andrew Flaherty

Andrew Flaherty

Wilmington native. University of Delaware graduate. Media and Pop Culture junkie. Exploring the unusual and offbeat in the area.

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