TSD Q&A: Local Artist Sarah Lamb

Local artist, Sarah Lamb, is someone we would like to recognize for her amazing still life paintings. Her pieces of work range from beautiful flowers to fresh game brought to her by local hunters.

Sarah shows her work in several galleries around the country and also does commissioned pieces.

Sarah is married to local artist David Larned, from Wilmington, DE. Along with their pug and two Nubian goats, they live and work together at their 300 year old farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Please enjoy learning more about Sarah Lamb from our interview below. Also, visit Dilwyne Designs to read more from our Q&A with Sarah. Enjoy!

Were you artistic as a child? Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
Art seemed to be the one thing that kept my interest. I tried ballet and piano…the usual suspects, but always found myself picking up a pen or pencil and drawing. My grandmother was the first to notice and offered to pay for art classes, which she did from 3rd grade on. It wasn’t until about 8th grade that I really got serious about it.

When did you know you wanted to make painting a career?
When my mother and I moved to Atlanta, I found a wonderful wildlife artist and teacher who placed me in a class with adults and paid special attention to me. Her name was Sarah Brown and she’s still an important part of my life. Originally, I was a graphic design major in college because the professors would steer us away from fine arts, so few people would actually succeed. But I hated it. I ended up with a Bachelor in Fine Arts…and imagined I’d be doing portraits, until I discovered Jacob Collins in 1993 and took a workshop with him.

What schools or art programs did you attend after receiving your Bachelors Degree?
After college, I studied in the Loire Valley in France with an American artist, Ted Jacobs. I was there for almost two years, then moved to NYC to study with one of his protégés, Jacob Collins. There, my focus was on painting and drawing. I also took painting classes at the Art Students League when I lived in the city. Great fun.

What galleries showcase your work?
Spanierman Gallery, NYCMeredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX , and John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA. There will be an exhibit featuring my work at the New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT from August 18 to October 30.

If you would like to contact Sarah, click here to visit her website at sarahlamb.net.

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