Become A Fun Master

It is so simple to harness the power of fun but incredibly difficult to master. Simple because all it takes is a commitment each day to be happy not sad. Be a Funster not a Funkiller. Or, for those of you who have witnessed Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, decide to be Tigger not Eeyore! (On a side note…if you really want to understand the Power of Fun you have to watch Randy’s Last Lecture.)

But why is something so simple to do so difficult to master? Because we live in a world that always prepares us for the worst first. We are constantly bombarded with negative stimulus up front. The billion dollar media business has been built on this premise. We have been conditioned to believe that good news stories come last and devastation, tragedy and the exploits of the exceptionally stupid (see “Winning!”) will keep us tuned in. You would think that holding the title “Emperor of Fun and Games” would make me immune, but I am just like you. I find myself, at times, thinking that if I have to be subjected to Snooki, The Situation or, god forbid, one more reference to Lindsay Lohan my head will soon explode! That is when I remember my inner Tigger and pretend that I am bouncing all over Snooki’s head.

So how do we become Fun Masters? Well, let’s start with some quick validation first so we make it worth your effort:

1)     Did you know that if you laugh 100 times a day it is the equivalent of 10 minutes of vigorous exercise? Laughing is healthy and your body doesn’t know if you are faking it.

2)    Have you ever seen smiles or heard laughter at a funeral? If the Power of Fun can work at a funeral where else won’t it work?

3)    Undercover Boss is a show about leaders understanding that their employees have to enjoy their work experience and when they do the company’s productivity increases. That is a billion dollar, bottom line benefit to harnessing the Power of Fun at work!

4)    As parents we are always telling our children to take a break and we spend a great deal of time making sure they are having fun. Why, when we grow up, does that direction stop? As George Bernard Shaw said…”We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”

So now, hopefully, you are ready to take that first step. Before your feet hit the floor tomorrow morning make the simple commitment to harness the Power of Fun by deciding that you will be happy not sad. Get up and put five pennies in your left pocket. Each time you smile at a problem, make someone else laugh or derail an otherwise dull moment with humor, move one of those pennies to your right pocket. At the end of the day if your right pocket is full of pennies then it has been a powerfully fun day and you have taken the simple step towards becoming a Fun Master. It is all about first making that choice. Abraham Lincoln said it best…”Most of us are only as happy as we make up our minds to be”.


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About the Contributor

David Raymond

Emperor of Fun and Games with Raymond Entertainment and the original Phillie Phanatic ('78-'93).

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